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WfM - Workforce Management is where businesses blend strategy, planning & Real time delivery in achieving efficiency, competence and cost effectiveness in allocating Your people, where you need them, when you need them....

About Us:


We are SME's, Specialists, WfM Professionals, with over 100 years’ experience in complex WfM requirements. we have overcome challenges for Local, National and International Companies as welll as the UK Government.


We have managed teams from 5 to 33 people and have had responsibility and accountability for up to 38,000 people in up to 23 different countries. 


We thrive on complex scenarios that utilise all elements of the jigsaw, which are thrown in the air and then needed to be blended together, piece by piece.


WfM is our passion, and it is what we are all about.


We have developed 9 Key core services within a 5-step continuous journey that we work to as a base plan.

All elements of any work undertaken are split by Strategy, Planning and Real Time Delivery.




– People

– Headcount / Recruitment

– Department / Teams

– Output


– People

– Department / Teams

– Direct Reports / Management

– Costing Your Structure


– Analytics and Optimisation (A&O)

– Availability and Utilisation (A&U)

– Help / Advice / Support

Scheduling/Roster Strategy

– Base Plans

– Design / Construction

– New Structures

– Emergency / Contingency

– Reducing Costs

– Back Up

– New Systems

– Strike Contingency




– People

– Headcount / Recruitment

– Department / Teams

– Output


– People

– Departments / Teams

– Direct Reports / Management

– Shift Content / Patterns

– Skills / Competencies


– Analytics and Optimisation

– Availability and Utilisation

– Help / Advice / Support



– Modern Automated

Communication Channels

– Individual Personal Email

Addresses & Profiles

– Real Time Leave Processing

& Management


– Modern Web Based Clock In


– Accurate Automated Live



– Live Feeds for Reporting on


– Automated Time Sheet Data


– Automated Payroll Integration



– Analytics & Constant Continuous


– Help / Advice / Support

The Services that we Can Offer:

A Snapshot of the Services that we can provide (But not limited to)...

WfM Stratergy

Detail Above

WfM Planning

Detail Above

WfM Real Time Delivery

Detail Above

Time & Attendance Management

WfM System Implementation

WfM Project Work

Roster/Rota/Schedule Construction & Optimisation

Annual Leave Planning

WfM Forum & Industry Leading Helpline

Email Support
Book an Online Meeting
Ring the Helpline
WfM UK WhatsApp Community

Fees / Prices


Hourly / Day Rate / Fixed Fee


Can be contracted Directly or via an Umbrella Company

2024 - Lets Explore

WfM UK Making Timesheets Digital

Have you thought about automating Timesheet Data? 2024 is the time to change...

Schedule / Rota / Roster Optimisation sounds scientific but what does it actually mean and how would it benefit you?

Google Says: “the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource”

The Collins Dictionary Says: "To optimise a plan, system, or machine means to arrange or design it so that it operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible”

So to put that into plain English and translate it to your world, its means, you have a team of  resources and you need to ensure they work as effectively, efficiently and smoothly as possible.

One of companies biggest expenses and assets are their people (Resources) they need to ensure they are getting the best value from that biggest asset. In turn providing the biggest return possible on that expensive reoccurring outlay!

A lot of our work is to do with A&O, in previous years the terms A&U were the buzz words as companies had to ensure they got the biggest value out of their Availability and Utilisation.  

That is still valid, but you will only achieve that to its fullest potential if you go strategically back a step. A&U is based on how you can utilise the base requirements to their full potential.

A&O Analysis & Optimisation actually analyses the base requirements and Optimises the base before it is utilised. Once it is in force the A&U element kicks in. Over the years we have completed hundreds of these actions and until this kind of work is carried out, companies struggle to realise the benefits of true Utilisation.

Just remember O is before U and U may not be effective with-out O so the question is, is the way forward O&U? Something we are going to have to contemplate for the future.

Our team are experts in this. Please contact us to learn more.



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